Are you wondering whether Villa Tigellino could host your event? The answer is yes. The entire estate provides perfect areas for different types of events. Business meetings, gala dinners and cultural or artistic initiatives can be hosted, especially to make sure your important dates have a unique character.

Special solutions for special eventsThe location is structured in such a way so as to be able to blend simplicity with elegant refinement, providing the best technical, aesthetic and dining solutions.

We take care of organizing at 360°If you are interested in celebrating an event at Villa Tigellino, we will set up a meeting to understand your tastes and your needs, creating a made-to-fit project that, besides the menu, can include a proposal for a particular mise en place, the selection of the preparations and much, much more…

Put yourself in our hands at Villa Tigellino. The absolute privacy that you will enjoy with your guests makes Villa Tigellino particularly suited for any event you could think of or imagine. Whatever occasion you are celebrating, we know how to make it charming and unique.

You tell us what you would like… we will take care of the rest.