The Restaurant is the soul of Villa Tigellino

From birth to memories of a special day, from birthdays to company dinners and for your most important days, the Villa Tigellino Restaurant is set up to host private and company events.

The restaurant service provides cuisine made up of popular dishes, prepared and carefully enhanced by the chef, beginning from the selection of the raw materials. The menus change based on your personal tastes. In addition to the à la carte menu, you can opt for a fixed menu, a custom menu, samplers or a themed menu, all with extremely refined preparation and presentation of the dishes.

Spacious and bright. The hall is perfect for hosting events in any season of the year. The indoor and outdoor areas provide various options to choose from when setting up your event. The inside of the restaurant, which includes an area dedicated to the entertainment and relaxation of the guests, can seat up to 100 with the possibility of expanding and opening the hall outward onto a veranda, thereby becoming a scenic terrace overlooking the garden.

Attention to detail. Extremely charming environments, the spaces are personalized for the type of event being hosted. A service that includes preparation of the hall and mise en place: from the tablecloths to the flowers, from the colours to the menus from which you will choose.
Attention to every detail is fundamental.