Among green vines and olive trees

A glimpse of the sea in the distance as you enter. Villa Tigellino’s position gives the structure a remarkable charm. Among green vines and olive trees, a group of entrepreneur-friends, fascinated by history of the archaeological site, decided to reclaim this enchanting area that overlooks the sea, designing a hospitality structure that fully respects the environment that hosts it. What is the result? They succeeded in bringing the area back to life where the Roman Era Residential Villa of Punta San Limato stands, near Baia Felice in the Cellole Municipality.

… spaces and landscapes arranged simply

Simple elegance.Elegance is not only simple, but it is also functional. Villa Tigellino is made up of functional and aesthetically pleasing structures that blend perfectly with the simplicity of the environment in order to provide a relaxing time. The dépendances, the pool, the tennis court, the garden: spaces and landscapes arranged simply, without sacrificing the comfort of a modern structure. This is simplicity that adapts discretely to the landscape and the heritage of the area.

… spaces and landscapes arranged simply

… providing guests with a rare intimacy

Private and with atmosphere. The charming history, the immense green area, the sea just a short stroll away. A privileged environment from a climate and tourism point of view because of how close it is to the coast. Rustic and traditional, but at the same time enhanced by modern features, the Villa is in an absolutely private setting, providing guests with a rare intimacy. But just a note, you will not feel like a guest here.